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Roadside Assistance

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with your automobile when you’re on the road, whether it’s long haul road trips or just tooling around town. When those incidents occur you need a reliable towing service that offers you affordable rates and fast service anytime you need it, day or night. At Concord Towing Service, we offer just what you need to get your vehicle back on the road safely.

You don’t need to rely on crossing your fingers for a Good Samaritan or calling up relatives and friends in the hopes that they have expertise and are nearby to offer assistance. Our roadside assistance is in a class of it’s own because we offer high value assistance at fair prices and we have vast knowledge of an array of vehicles.

Extensive Knowledge

When you’re paying for roadside assistance, your technician should have specialized knowledge about a wide variety of issues. Tire changes, car locks, replacement batteries and towing service that are safe should be services that you can expect from a highly skilled technician. There are hundreds of models of cars on the road and not all of them have the same methods for repairs.

High performance cars and traditional standard sedans both require some degree of specialized knowledge before a technician can safely and successfully attend to any roadside assistance you may need. Our technicians have both training and experience to provide you with well proven solutions for roadside assistance.

Lockout Services

The last thing you need is an inexperienced person attempting to get you back into your car after you’ve been locked out of it. Whether you own a smart car or a traditional vehicle with less comprehensive features, we can get you back into your car safely and securely.

Losing your keys and getting locked out of your vehicle can be frustrating and stressful, especially if you’re away from home with no hope of help from relatives or friends. But Concord Towing Service offers roadside assistance for lockouts during any time of the day and also in emergencies. If you’re locked out of your car there’s no need to panic, just give us a call or send a text message or email and we’re immediately on our way to assist you.

Empty Gas Tank

As part of our roadside assistance, we offer the benefit of bringing gasoline to you when you’re in an emergency situation. It might seem incredible to run out of gas but we know that it does happen when a trip is longer than you expected or perhaps you have a fuel tank that is faulty and you’re very far from the nearest gas station. You can call upon our roadside assistance and we will issue a driver with gasoline to get you back on the road again.

Our gasoline prices are also fair and affordable because we do not attempt to price gouge customers. It’s a vulnerable position to be in when you’re without fuel and to avoid being taken advantage of, call upon a professional service that understands your needs.

Why Hire Us

Our roadside assistance is first rate and all of our technicians have excellent roadside manner.

We understand that you’re having an emergency and that it’s likely stressful so we do our very best to lessen the burden by offering rapid quality services you can trust in your time of need.


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