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Battery and Tire Service

Perhaps your left your headlights on all night long or maybe your car battery just died because it was at the end of it’s lifespan. No matter why it happened, now your stuck in the middle of someplace really inconvenient and you need a jumpstart and a Good Samaritan just isn’t around when you need one. Concord Towing Service can provide a jumpstart and we also have a stockpile of new batteries if you’re just isn’t working.

Our response time is rapid and we get drivers back on the road in no time and we work with the same urgency when you require tire service. These are situations that no one should have to wait hours on end for help. Calling a reliable and trustworthy service will prevent you from having to do just that.

Rapid Response

We supply fast response time to calls for roadside assistance to jumpstart your battery or when you have a flat tire. If you’re in these situations it’s unlikely that you want to wait for hours and hours for a towing service to arrive. Or rapid response to drivers provides them with the security they need when they’re on the side of the road. Perhaps you’re in an area that’s not safe or it’s simply very dark outside and your isolated. These can be frightening situations when you’re waiting for help so delays can heighten your level of stress.

We are well known in the Concord, NC region for our quick response time to assist with your battery and tires.

Wide Range of Knowledge

There are hundreds of car models and not all are built the same or require the same amount of attention to make it roadworthy again. Whether you have a smart vehicle or an older model, our towing technicians can provide you with assistance because they possess a wide range of knowledge about vehicles and how they operate.

Our technicians provide drivers with professional feedback and assistance to get them quickly on the road again and they have helped countless of drivers of high performance vehicles as well as traditional family vehicles. There is no other service in the region with better training and knowledge that you can trust.

Emergency Response
Batteries that die and flat tires that don’t rise rarely happen when it’s convenient so you need a towing service that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get your vehicle back on the road again.

Our towing service operates during daylight and evening hours and also in emergencies so that you can rely on a dependable service any time of the day that gets your battery jumpstarted and your tires inflated.

As a leading towing service operating in Concord, we have served countless clients with impeccable service so we come highly rated and referred as a professional towing service you can trust.

Why Hire Us

Our service has state of the art equipment to provide you with quick jumpstarts for any type of car or truck you have and we can inflate, repair or replace your tires with the same standard of equipment you currently possess because we have a large stockpile of accessories as a full service towing company.


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